How to Backup S8 / S8 Plus & S9 / S9 Plus: Photos, Videos, Contacts, Apps Data, Passwords

How to Backup S8 and S8 plus Photos, Videos, Contacts, Apps Data, Passwords

It is important for us to know how to back up our files. It is because when you update or trying to reset the settings, there is a possibility that your files will be deleted. The thing is, not everyone is knowledgeable when it comes to backing up files properly. We will give you a through guide on how to back up you r important files.

There are different types files in your system, and we will show you how to back up the important ones such as photos, videos, contacts, App data, and Wi-Fi passwords.

How to Backup S8 / S8 Plus & S9 / S9 Plus: Photos, Videos, Contacts, Apps Data, Passwords

Backing up media files (Photos and Videos)

  • Open the google photos app, or you can go to Google Play Store and download it.
  • Then, you will open it and click on the menu that is located on the upper-left hand corner of the app.
  • Select settings and navigate your way to Backup and Sync.
  • Then there will be a toggle for backup, switch it to on.
  • Backup all your files.
  • If you have a lot of files that you want to backup, it will take a while for it to complete.

Backing Up Contacts

  • Go back to your home screen, and open your Contacts.
  • On the top right corner, select more.
  • Then, there will be a menu that will appear and choose Move device Contacts to..
  • Choose the Google option.
  • If you are asked to log in your Google Log In credentials, enter them in order to back up your files.
  • It will take a moment for the back up to finish.

Backing App data and Wi-Fi passwords

  • Swipe down the screen to open the notifications panel.
  • Tap the Settings icon on the top right corner.
  • It will open a menu and choose Backup and reset.

You can now perform a factory reset after doing all these steps to back up.