Best Bluetooth Headphones for Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Bluetooth headphones just make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in wires as you move around with a pair of wired headphones on. It’s just more convenient. What better way to listen to the music on your Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL smartphone?

Bluetooth headphones were previously a no-no to anyone who wanted a premium sound, but they have improved in quality. Modern Bluetooth headphones give you sweet audio quality close to wired headphones if not equal to them.

The catch is which pair to buy? There are a lot of choices with not only premium sound but hours’ worth of talk time and more.

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Best Bluetooth Headphones for Google Pixel/Pixel XL:

1. Beats Solo3 on-ear headphones

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Google PixelPixel XL - 1

Leading our list is the premium Beats Solo3 on-ear wireless headphones. These headphones will pair with your device within 30 feet, giving you plenty of room to roam. Your ears will enjoy the clear, balanced sound output. Ear cup padding on the headphones will help you enjoy your music and not what’s going on outside.

Not to mention the padding gives you comfort, which is handy considering the headphones come with up to 40 hours of battery life. In a rush? A fast five-minute charge will give you three hours’ worth of playback. There’s plenty to like, but the quality comes at a price.

Price: $219 USD

2. Neva in-ear headphones – Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Google PixelPixel XL - 2

Want to enjoy your tunes while working out? Try the Neva in-ear neckband hi-fi Bluetooth headset with retractable earbuds and a hands-free mic. The sports-necklace style headset folds up easily and provides you with convenience so you can toss it in your bag and go. The retractable earbuds add another layer of that convenience.

The earbuds give you up to 300 hours of standby time and 16 hours of listening time or 18 hours of talk time. You’ll know when you get a call because it will vibrate. The pairing with your device is easy too.

Price: $39.99 USD

3. Spigen R32E in-ear Bluetooth Headphones

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Google PixelPixel XL - 3

People familiar with smartphone accessory brands will likely be familiar with Spigen. It continues to produce quality products with its Spigen R32E in-ear wireless headphones. These premium noise cancelling headphones give you durability for your runs and trips to the gym. They are also sweat-proof, making them a worthy addition to your workout gear.

Enjoy a high-quality high-definition sound that gives you both clear music and clear calls. Its built-in mic features voice prompts and enables you to answer incoming calls.

Price: $27.99 USD

4. Mpow Cheetah behind-ear sports headphones

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Google PixelPixel XL - 4

Get running and keep your ears rocking with the Mpow Cheetah wireless sports headphones. Enjoy the comfort of your headphones that snugly fit around your neck. You can also roll them up to store them.

Get a strong signal with Mpow’sapt-X Tech technology. You also get hi-fi CD quality sound with Bluetooth 4.1 chips hardware. There’s plenty to like about a convenient sports headphone that also known for its sweet sound quality.

Price: $24.69 USD

5. Bose Quiet-Comfort 35 on-ear Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Google PixelPixel XL - 5

Bose’s been a leader in stereo equipment for decades and doesn’t disappoint with its Bose Quiet-Comfort 35 on-ear headphones. These noise cancellation headphones make your music sing while the premium materials of the headphones make them lightweight, just what you want to listen to your music for the day.

You get about 20 hours of battery life with each charge. Calls are clear thanks to its noise-rejection feature. Bluetooth and NFC pairing keeps them paired with your Google Pixel and Pixel XL. It’s the quality you want if – again – you’re willing to pay the price.

Price: $359 USD

6. Beyution on-ear Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Hi-fi Stereo Headphone

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Google PixelPixel XL - 6

Enjoy convenience with the Beyution V4.1Thead  Bluetooth wireless foldable hi-fi stereo headphones. These headphones feature superb stereo quality with neodymium magnets that produce a deep, enhanced bass and full-range sound.

Their built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery gives you up to 7-9 hours of talk time or audio playback. The headphones also feature a built-in microphone and passive noise-reduction technology to make your calls clearer. The foldable headphones are easy to carry.

Price: $20.99 USD