Best Charging Docks for OnePlus 5 Phone

Best OnePlus 5 Charging Docks

Oneplus 5 has released their new flagship phone that further improves the specification as a mid-range performance phone. It is definitely worth your money is it further exceeds any expectations for its caliber. It has all the advanced specifications you need that other popular brands of smartphones use. It is a very durable phone that is constructed with highly rigid materials. Although, some fans say that the exterior design is not a distant difference from its predecessors, yet the performance counts for them. If you are going to invest on a new smartphone that makes a bang for your buck, then Oneplus 5 is definitely for you.

Sometimes we tend to be untidy with our surroundings and workspace because of chords and cables while charging our phone. Which is why companies have been making charging docks, so that it can makes your space tidy and neat to look at. We are going to present to you 7 Charging Docks for faster and more advanced charging.

Best Charging Docks for OnePlus 5 Phone:

  1. FanTek – desktop charging dock

Best OnePlus 5 Charging Docks - 1

Our first product for you is the FanTek charging dock. It is a desktop charging dock that easily detects your device once you dock it. It is a perfect fit for any phone especially your Oneplus 5. It is also able to sync to your desktop while charging simultaneously. You no longer have to worry about messy cables and workspace with this product.

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  1. A Plus – quick Charger

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A plus made a charging dock that is specially designed for Oneplus products. It has an anti-slip base, so that your unit stays secure on the platform. The quick sync allows you to transfer your favorite files while charging simultaneously. It will automatically detect your phone quicker, and charge your phone in a matter of minutes.

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  1. Sfmn – angled charging dock

Best OnePlus 5 Charging Docks - 3

Sfmn has an angled charging dock so that you can see the status of your phone better. It is a secured charging dock that stays snuck on your desk. It is designed to charge faster and transfer files faster than other ordinary charging docks out there. It is a suitable choice if you are always working in the office or on the desk.

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  1. Monoy – charging dock

Best OnePlus 5 Charging Docks - 4

Monoy designed a charging dock cradle with simplicity and functionality. It easily detects your phone and allows you to sync and charge simultaneously. If you are in need of a charging dock for your working space, then this could be the one for you. It is very lightweight, so that you can bring everywhere with you from the office back to your home.

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  1. Dretal – quick charging and fast synching charging dock

Best OnePlus 5 Charging Docks - 5

Dretal is another quick charging and fast synching charging dock. It is perfect for your Oneplus 5 if you need it for your desktop or office working space. If you have any other device that you would like to use it on, then it will be a wise decision to purchase this product. You won’t have a problem-free installation with it as it is only a plug and play device.

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  1. Flijie – charging dock

Best OnePlus 5 Charging Docks - 6

Another charging dock that is designed for the Oneplus 5. It is a fast charging dock that allows you to charge your smartphone in a matter of minutes. It is designed in such a way that you can view the status of your phone easily. It is equipped with a 3.1 high-speed charging that allows easier synchronization.

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  1. RND Power Solutions – faster charging

Best OnePlus 5 Charging Docks - 7

RND Power Solutions is compatible with any smartphone or devices out there. It is a high-quality product that allows faster charging, and it comes with a wall charger as well. You may also sync your phone with it if you want to transfer some files to your phone from your desktop or vice versa. It will tidy up your workspace, and you can also bring elsewhere.

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With these charging docks, you can now tidy up your workspace, and avoid a hassle-free charging. You can now look even more professional than ever.

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