Best LG G6 Cases

Best LG G6 Cases

Best LG G6 Cases

LG has developed a ground-breaking phone which they have never done before. It has been so long since they have made a phone that would go head-to-head with its competitors. Lately, they haven’t been developing cutting-edge phones that is marketable to the masses. Now, LG has released a phone that will make down their flagship after series of under-performing smartphones. They have promised that it will surpass their competitors, and has equipped its new gadget with what technology has to offer today. It is hard to get over since other companies nearly have the same blueprint unless LG has some surprises that we were unaware of.

For quite an advancement from the company, you will need quality protection for it. We have carefully selected which case would be suitable for the phone. Which is why we will give you the Top Cases For LG G6, and provide you with the protection it needs.

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Best LG G6 Cases:

  1. Caseology Vault Series Slim case

Best LG G6 Cases - 1

This lightweight shock absorbent case could be the one for your G6. The Caseology Vault Series is serious about protecting your phone. It has a flexible shell that is lightweight and perfectly contoured to the G6 which makes it easy to apply on. The TPU case with corner cushions makes it a very durable case that can resist any impact.

Price: $10.99 USD

  1. Poetic Affinity Clear Case

Best LG G6 Cases - 2

The poetic affinity case is constructed with a crystal-clear polycarbonate case that will further resist any impacts from high-altitude falls. The advantage I could give with clear cases is that it has less chemicals which is safe for the environment and the user. It is equipped with a textured side pattern for extra grip. The inner TPU is for shock-absorbing any bumps that may occur.

Price: $7.95 USD

  1. SPIGEN Rugged Armor

Best LG G6 Cases - 3

When it comes to cellphone cases, Spigen would always appear on everyone’s list. It will provide you with an undisputed quality ever built for a case. It has a certified military-grade air cushion technology for anti-shock properties. Spigen ensured that it made a case that is an exact fit to the LG G6. It features a slim profile without compromising its superior quality.

Price: $11.99 USD

  1. SPIGEN Tough Armor Kickstand Case

Best LG G6 Cases - 4

This variant of the Spigen company is like wearing an armor on top of a Kevlar vest. Not only that it is made from a very hard PC material, it is also combined with a TPU cover for extreme protection. It is also accustomed with a kickstand so that you can view your videos and read your favorite e-books without having to hold it.

Price: $15.99 USD

  1. Trianium Clarium Series Clear case

Best LG G6 Cases - 5

Another clear shell on our list is the Trianium Clarium Series case. It is constructed with a shock-absorbing TPU material with a textured back for extra grip and water resistant properties. It has a slim contour so that it doesn’t add weight to the phone. Its precision cutouts allow you to easily access the phone without having to remove it. The big advantage of clear / bumper cases is that it retains the aesthetics of the phone rather than being covered with other designs.

Price: $8.95 USD

  1. Supcase Rugged Holster Case

Best LG G6 Cases - 6

A much more heavy-duty case in comparison with the rest from the list is this Rugged Armor case from Supcase. They actually call it a Unicorn Beetle Pro Series because it is believed that the horn of the unicorn beetle is really tough and indestructible. They are trying to boast that characteristic through this phone, and they have done it well. It is crafted with premium TPU and PC materials that will further protect your phone.

Price: $16.99 USD

  1. Spigen 2017 Liquid Crystal Clear Slim Case

Best LG G6 Cases - 7

We couldn’t help but give you another product from Spigen. This particular variant is called the “liquid crystal” because of how it retains the natural look and personality of the LG G6. It is designed to be very applicable to your phone without a having a hard time. it is constructed with a lightweight and scratch-free TPU material to make your phone standout.

Price: $10.99 USD


As you’ve witnessed, there have been numerous SPIGEN products in our list because it is really reliable and trusted ever since. It is only on your own personal interest what kind of characteristic you your phone to be protected with. All of which are of premium-quality.