Best Car Mounts for OnePlus 5

Best Oneplus 5 Car Mounts

Oneplus 5 is unanimously classified as a mid-range phone your money is worth for. Its design is more attractive than it ever was, and just like its appearance, they’ve made changes with its specifications as well. It is equipped with all the advanced specs that most of the famous brands of smartphones use. It is equipped with advanced hardware for an improved performance combined with a quick charging and long-lasting batteries. It makes the customers happy that they are able to use their applications more on the phone without worrying about depleting the battery quicker. It is truly a smartphone worth for what it is worth.

Now when you navigate while driving, you might get caught by the traffic officials because of violating a traffic rule. It is the reason why car mounts and holders are made to avoid any distraction. We are going to suggest to you 7 car mounts for easier and accident-free travels.

Best Car Mounts for OnePlus 5:

  1. iKross5

Best Oneplus 5 Car Mounts - 1

Our first product on the line is the car holder cup mount from iKross. It features an easy mountable car mount that secures the cup holder space for stable usage. The base is adjustable depending on the of your cup holder. The swivel is rotatable 360 degrees smoothly. It is applicable to any gadgets from tablets to smartphones.

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  1. APPS2Car

Best Oneplus 5 Car Mounts - 2

APPS2Car designed a car mount that can be placed on the windshield. It has a stronger suction cup base that will stay secured even on the bumpiest road while stabilizing the phone on its phone holder. It is fast and easy to install and take off by just pulling the lever on the base of the car mount. It is very durable and lightweight to transfer from one car to another.

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LEXCAR has unique and easier way of securing your phone. It features a clip design with rubberized holders, so that your phone doesn’t get damaged. The suction cup base can stay secure even on the bumpiest road while navigating with your phone. It is easy to remove if you want to transfer it from one car to another.

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  1. WinnerGear

Best Oneplus 5 Car Mounts - 4

WinnerGear designed a universal car mount that can fit smartphone on it. It is a very durable and lightweight car holder that stay secured on your windshield. It is easy to install, such that, you can even use just one hand to do so. You can either place it on the windshield or dashboard depending on your preference, or that won’t obstruct your view.

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  1. Hongfa

Best Oneplus 5 Car Mounts - 5

If you want a smaller car mount that still secures your phone in place, Hongfa designed their nano car mount so that it won’t obstruct any view while driving. It is very easy to bring anywhere, and you can quickly install to any car. It is a non-magnetic car holder which can be adjustable, so that it can fit phone size.

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  1. Vantrue

Best Oneplus 5 Car Mounts - 6

Vantrue Car mount equipped their product with a quick-release suction cup in just a pull of the lever on the base mount. It has three side-grips that secure your phone in place. It is a very durable and lightweight product that allows you to bring it anywhere you want with it. It won’t obstruct any of your driving view.

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  1. Veckle

Best Oneplus 5 Car Mounts - 7

If your preference is something to clamp on to the air vents, you can opt to purchase this Veckle vent mount for your Oneplus 5 unit. It is very durable that sturdy holds in place while you are driving on the road. It is compatible with any devices available including your Oneplus 5. It provides a silicone cushion on the clamp, so that your air vents don’t get scratched.

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Now all of your phones will stay secured if you want to use them while driving. You have to practice safety and obey the laws of the road to avoid any violations and accidents!