Best VR Headsets for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

VR headsets are supposed to immerse you so much in the action that the virtual reality experience is so real we act like we would in the real world, not as if we have a headset on while playing a game. The headset creates a life-size, 3D virtual environment without the usual boundaries of computer or TV screens.

Android phones are the best known for being VR compatible, but iPhones like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can share in the game. There isn’t an Apple VR headset yet, but there are other headsets available. Here are our suggestions.

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Best VR Headsets for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

1. VersionTech

The VersionTech VR headset features 360-degree viewing. It will turn your iPhone 7 into a 3D powerhouse for 3D games and split screen movies and work with more than 300 iOS and Android VR apps. You can adjust both the pupil distance and focal distance to maximize your 3D immersive experience. The front cover, connected by a magnet, can be easily removed. The surface uses a high-definition optical resin lens. Three adjustable straps can give you a comfortable fit over the bridge of your nose.

Price: $24.99 USD

2. Pasonomi

The Pasonomi VR headset is compatible with many brands of smartphones including iPhones. It fits phones with a screen size of 4-6 inches. The headset is made of high-quality resin lens and features ergonomic T-shaped scraps that can be easily adjusted. You can also adjust the spherical resin lens. Soft and thick foam makes it comfortable on your face. You can push a button to adjust the object distance and easily adjust the focal distance by rolling a gear. The Pasonomi VR headset is made of recyclable ABS environmental materials. Try out this headset for an immersive VR experience.

Price: $29.99 USD

3. Destek V3 VR

The Destek V3 VR headset features a 103-degree field of view angle that will fully pull you into the virtual reality experience. The short-focus lens helps magnify the image and make it appear closer to you. A soft sponge layer and adjustable wide straps make the headset comfortable while a side magnetic trigger helps you control the VR games. The design of holes in the headset helps dissipate heat from your phone. You can adjust the object/pupil distance to keep images sharp.

4. Magicoo

The Magicoo 3D VR headset lets you play VR games and watch IMAX movies at home using your smartphone. It is made of ABS and spherical resin lens materials and features a visor to prevent light from leaking. The headset is light weight and features soft comfortable face padding and small holes to help with ventilation. Adjustable straps and pupil settings add to its value.

Price: $19.99 USD

5. Tsanglight

The Tsanglight VR headset features a built-in Bluetooth remote controller that includes a touch pad and physical buttons on the side of the headset. That and jacks for a data line and earphones let you conveniently watch IMAX movies on your headset. Special-made 4.0 lenses improves your viewing experience and limits problems like low-light transmittance and image distortion. The headset is compact and light-weight. You can remove the magnetic front cover to dissipate heat.

Price: $52.99 USD

6. NeuTab

Keep it comfortable with the NeuTab 3D VR headset. The headset is easy to adjust and very lightweight. A form-fitting design keeps heat away and cross ventilation keeps your phone from overheating. The phone mount is adjustable while the foam-fitting design keeps it comfortable and keeps it from fogging. Play games and enjoy 3D movies in comfort with a headset that lets you adjust lens distance separately for your eyes, helping keep your vision from being blurry. You can wear your glasses and use this headset in comfort.

Price: $12.95 USD

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