Best Wallet Cases for Google Pixel XL

Best Google Pixel XL Wallet Cases

Best Google Pixel XL Wallet Cases

Google has now released its very first smartphone. It has everything that you need, and it definitely is a threat to other competitors. The simplistic design features a rigid lightweight aluminum body that other phones do not have. Other than that, it also has the advancements that you need such as the quick unlocking fingerprint scanner which further improves privacy and security. The built-in and non-removable battery can last up to hours on standby, and it full charges in a total of 15 minutes only. The 5.5-inch screen display gives out bright resolutions and crystal clear images.

You will need a protection for the phone, and something that will keep your organized. We are going to feature you Top Wallet Cases for Google Pixel XL. Other than being a protection, you may now put other valuables in it along with the phone.

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Best Wallet Cases for Google Pixel XL:

  1. iCarerCase Leather Wallet Case

Best Google Pixel XL Wallet Cases - 1

Our first on the list is the leather case from icarercase. With its classic and vintage looking design, the material is made from genuine leather which adds more character to the phone. It is a folio type case with a magnetic closing which ensures that your phone will be properly secured and locked in when not in use. Other than its priority function, it also works as a wallet. It features 3 built-in card slots and enough space where you can place your money in. The precise cutouts make every port accessible without having to remove the case from the phone.

Price: $26.90 USD

  1. MaxBoost Wallet Case

Best Google Pixel XL Wallet Cases - 2

Maxboost has taken the opportunity to design a wallet case that is only exclusive for the Pixel XL’s dimensions. Being a wallet case, it already has multifunctional features. It is accustomed with card slots where you can store your valuable credit cards. It is almost essential to have a wallet case so that it minimizes the bulk while are you going around.  You may also use the case as a viewing stand.

Price: $12.99 USD

  1. ProCase Flip Wallet Case

Best Google Pixel XL Wallet Cases - 3

If you want to be more stylish, ProCase has designed their cases to have a two-toned color that can match with your fashion needs. It is an exclusive design for the Google Pixel XL 5.5 Inch, and it will not be compatible with other phones. It is also equipped with a shock-absorbent case just in any case the you accidentally drop the phone. You will have full access to the ports without having the need to remove the case.

Price: $11.99 USD

  1. Harryshell Pixel XL Case

Best Google Pixel XL Wallet Cases - 4

Now, the HarryShell is the closest you can get for a real wallet. It features 12 card slots and picture slots to keep your memories. You can just put about every card that you have from your credit cards to your business ID, it will just fit in there. It has a nice sleek classic design that will reminisce you of a wallet. It does its job well as a wallet case that further protects your phone from every bump.

Price: $13.99 USD

  1. Feitenn Pixel XL Case

Best Google Pixel XL Wallet Cases - 5

Feiteen has made their cases slimmer than usual wallet covers. It is highly-compatible with the Pixel XL because of its precise cutouts so that you could access every port on the phone itself. The case provides an all-around protection by surrounding the edges entirely to minimize impact. You don’t need to worry about this phone bulking up your phone because it is lightweight.

Price: $10.99 USD

  1. Fosmon

Best Google Pixel XL Wallet Cases - 6

If you want to have a tougher shell exterior, and at the same time a wallet case, you can choose the Fosmon. It only has one card slot, so pretty much store your most valuable and important card in there. It is a Hard PC material the is impact resistant, so that the internals of your phone won’t get damaged.

Price: $7.99 USD

  1. Tauri Pixel Xl Case

Best Google Pixel XL Wallet Cases - 7

Other than being a wallet case, Tauri designed this specific case to have a stand feature. You may now watch your videos and read your eBooks without having the need to hold your phone all the time. Other than that, it has three card slots, a picture holder, and enough space where you can store your money. It is a premium leather wallet case for an all-around style.

Price: $8.99 USD


We have just provided you the carefully selected wallet cases for your Google Pixel Xl. You can no achieve both convenience and protection from the wallet cases. All of which have been tested and proven, and quality checked from