How to Block Pop up on Samsung Note 8

How to Block Pop up on Samsung Note 8

When we are in a middle of an application, there is usually a popup that will show up in the middle of it. We find this annoying because it disturbs us when we are using the application especially if it is a game we are playing. It happens way to often and sometimes you would look for ways on how to take it out. I am going to tell you that it isn’t rocket science if you want to take it out. It will only take a few steps for it to disappear.

Follow the simple steps if you want it to disappear. People have been looking for ways to make it disappear, and they weren’t looking in the right place. Some of them might take time to disappear, but eventually they will be gone even without doing  anything initially. Some popups are even spammers that will ask you to share some personal information. Others come in a form of downloading another application, and obviously you don’t want to harm your Note 8 any further. You’ll have to use mind tricks for it to disappear, and it will fall for it.

How to Stop Pop up on Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Blocking Popups

We will give you a few tip (or trick) on how to ride along with the application popup that you see, after you do, proceed with the following footsteps.

  • You have to agree with what it asks for. Sort of like an agreement with its terms and conditions.
  • Tap the Agree button to confirm your choices. After the popup, go to your contacts.
  • Go to your own profile.
  • Then, select the profile sharing button.
  • There is a toggle or a slider from on to off. Simple toggle it to Off.

Now the Popups will no longer disappear, and you will no longer be disturb.