Change Device Name On Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus & S9 / S9 Plus

How To Change Device Name On Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

When you plug in your device to any PC or Mac, you will see that your phone actually has a name. At first, it will be the default device name, and usually it is the devices model and code number that will appear. It is also applicable if you are trying to connect or pair up with another device via Bluetooth.

You can now give your phone a slight personality by giving it a name, and you can prank someone and make a witty name such as, “Virus Detected”.  You can even switch it to you favorite cartoon character or game character to make it seem “cool”. It is just one of those ways to have fun with your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus – be creative with it!

You won’t need any other software or third-party applications to this. It can be done with the phone itself, and it won’t even take you more than two minutes to do it. Take not, you can change your device’s name as much as you want, but there are limited characters only if you want to change your device’s name.

How To Change Device Name On Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus & S9 / S9 Plus:

Changing Your Device’s name

  • If you are in the middle of running an application, quit it first and go back to you home screen menu.
  • Go to the applications menu which should be located somewhere in your home screen.
  • Open the settings menu, and tap on the device information choice.
  • Then, you will see the Device Name option.
  • Input your desire device name.

Your phone now has its own identity. You should see it on someone else’s phone when you try to pair up with Bluetooth, and you will also see it once you connected your phone in your computer via USB.