How to Change Font Style and Font Size on OnePlus 5T

How to Change Font Style and Font Size on OnePlus 5T

Smartphone devices are becoming more popular now because of their amazing features. Aside from the great specs, it has, OnePlus 5T also allows their users to change the font style and size of their device. Isn’t it exciting? If you want to achieve the same feature, follow the instructions we prepared below.

Another thing, you can also download other fonts from the internet so you can have more choices. Your device will look unique from the others. It’s also easy to do this; it’s like downloading more fonts for your PowerPoint presentation to make it more creative and exotic.

How to Change Font Style and Font Size on OnePlus 5T:

Changing the Font in OnePlus 5T

  1. Turn your device on.
  2. Locate the menu.
  3. Click the settings icon.
  4. Click on Display.
  5. Finally, choose Font.

Some of the fonts provided for you are the following: Cool Jazz, Chocolate Cooky, OnePlus Sans, Rosemary, and the Download Fonts option. One of the most amazing things about this feature is that you are allowed to preview the font so you would know what it would look like on your device. If the available fonts are not your type, you can download anything you like and then use it as your default font.

Simple device fonts are boring. Choose the phone that will allow you the same feature, like OnePlus 5T. If you’re a girly person, fashionable, hipster, businessman and others, you can choose a font of your preference that reflects your style and personality. Do not settle on a dull and lifeless font. Your device is already exciting; make it look more creative and dashing. Changing font styles and sizes will also improve how you view documents and files on your device, making it more exciting to open your phone now and then. Go and enjoy your font!

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