How to Connect Note 8 to TV [Screen Mirroring]

How to Connect Note 8 to TV [Screen Mirroring]

Note 8 relatively has a big screen for a smartphone. It is the reason why it makes touch screen easier because of the coverage it has. The thing is, you can actually go bigger, and not restrain everything in a smaller screen. You can view them on other monitors that you have, and it is not hard to do so.

It is in your utmost advantage to have a big screen so that you can see things clearer and better. If you want to watch a video from your Note 8, it would be advisable to view from a bigger screen than a small phone. We will show you a few way simple ways on how to mirror your screen.

How to Connect Note 8 to TV [Screen Mirroring]

TV Wireless Connection

  • Purchase a Samsung AllShare Hub.
  • Make sure that you have a high speed HDMI cable.
  • Connect the Hub to the TV using the HDMI you just bought.
  • From the Hub, connect your Note 8 via Wireless Network. (will be seen as a WIFI connection.)
  • From the phone, enable Screen mirroring. The function can be accessed through General Settings.

TV Hardwired Connection

  • Buy a quality MHL Adapter.
  • Just like the previous steps above, you will an HDMI cable as well.
  • Connect the Note to the MHL Adapter.
  • The Adapter should be plugged in a nearby power source.
  • Connect the Adapter to the TV with HDMI cable.
  • Depending on the TV you are using, navigate through its display settings or source settings and select which corresponding HDMI port you inserted it in.

Now you can enjoy a full-screen experience with the videos and images you want to see from your Note 8. Make sure that you have reliable equipment and products to establish a proper connection.


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