How to Enable Wifi Calling on Samsung Note 8

How to Enable Wifi Calling on Samsung Note 8

Nowadays, there a lot of ways on how to communicate with your loved ones. There are applications you can install so that you can get in touch with people. That is what technology do to us nowadays, is for everything to be accessible in the simplest way possible. Smartphones have the most advantage when it comes to communication. Because you can either send a message, an email, video call, and other forms of communication through the phone.

Depending on your network carrier, there are some feature where they make it possible to make calling for free for some applications like Viber and Messenger. Although, you can also call people via Wi-Fi. You just need to find a place where there is a Wi-Fi connection and you will be able to call the person you want.

After all, Wi-Fi is a faster connection speed than a mobile network data. So, some people prefer calling on WiFi than enabling their mobile network data to make it free of charge. We will show you some few and simple steps, and you won’t need any other professional personnel to do this feature.

How to Turn On/Off Wifi Calling on Samsung Note 8:

Enable Wi-Fi Calling:

  • You have to exit any applications you are in to do this.
  • Go back and head to your home screen, and look for the Settings.
  • At the Settings Menu look for the Call Settings, and Tap on Advance Calling.
  • Find Wi-Fi Calling and select it. You will find an option you can turn it on, and toggle the switch to enable it.
  • You can test it out and find some contact that you can call via Wi-Fi. It should be free of charge depending on your location.

Now you can enjoy a better calling experience with WiFi calling.