How to fix Battery life issue on LG V30

How to fix Battery Drain issue on LG V30

The battery is one of the most, or the most, important factors in a device. How can you operate the mobile phone without it? It is the reason why you have to take care of the battery because batteries are indeed expensive for a replacement. A lot of stalls out there would give you fake and unreliable battery that will just put your phone to harm. Make sure that you have an authentic battery from LG, as they are one of the best companies when it comes to making batteries for mobile phones and other electronic devices.

We are receiving and seeing numerous complaints from different forums about the battery. It is said that the battery tends to drain really quick. We have to discover the possible roots of it, and we will give you the best solutions for it. It isn’t that hard once you have it all figured out. In fact, you don’t even need to spend for the solution to work. You always won’t need a lot of hours to make it possible. Just follow them carefully.

How to fix Battery life issue on LG V30:

Hard Reset Your Phone

One of the most reasonable troubleshooting tips that you can do is to force restart your phone. Just simply hold down the power button altogether and your phone will reboot.

Disable Every Connection That You Have

You might be unaware that you Bluetooth, LTE, Wifi, and Location is on. It is known to drain your batteries fast because it will keep scanning everything around you. It is the greatest battery deplete of all.

Power Saving Mode

It is best that you enable you Power Saving mode, especially, if you have no charger with you for the day.


Make sure that you are not on tethering or hotspot on. People could still be connected to you device so it will use a lot of battery power to do so.

Just follow these simple tips and your battery should be holding up fine.