How to fix Bluetooth issue on LG V30

how to fix Bluetooth issue on LG V30

We are going to tackle about one of the most important functions in devices. It is done to allow you to connect to any devices with any platform to show its compatibility. It is also important that you are able to connect your phone via Bluetooth through anything, and it is why people would always choose Bluetooth connection. It is also one of the convenient methods to transfer your files from one device to another. Although, some people experience difficulty. The LG V30 is one of the greatest gadgets made today, but not everything is made perfectly.

We have received numerous reports about the Bluetooth function of it. It will have a hard time connecting and pairing up with devices, and also with the radio console of a vehicle. The thing is, it isn’t that complicated to fix; however, it will just take a while of getting used to it. We are going to show you simple ways on how to remedy it.

How to fix Bluetooth issue on LG V30:

Simple Guide To Fix Bluetooth Problem for LG V30:

  • Access your phone by turning it on and unlocking your lock screen.
  • Navigate through the home page and look for the app icon and select it.
  • In there, look for the Settings icon and select it.
  • There will be a selection then choose for Applications Manager.
  • You must display all the tabs and scan from right to left.
  • You will see Bluetooth as one of the choice then, select it.
  • You will select the Force Stop option.
  • Then, all you need to do now is clear the cache after disabling it.
  • Then, once you have confirmed it, you have to restart your phone to clean the process.
  • Try to connect via Bluetooth into another device. If nothing works, perform a factory reset.

Your Bluetooth should now work successfully.