How To fix GPS Issues on Samsung Note 8

How To fix GPS Issues on Samsung Note 8

A GPS is important if you are planning to navigate to place you are unfamiliar. It lets you use your location so that the application can guide your way to your drop-off point. Sometimes even though your GPS is on, it won’t be able to track your phone down for some reason. What will happen is, you will be located in a different spot, or a point where you were last located and not your current position. This could be a simple problem to fix, and it is possible that you have bugs on your system.

We will give you a number of solutions to fix your GPS problems.

How To fix GPS Issues on Samsung Note 8

Activate High Accuracy

Your Note 8 is equipped with a calibration system, where you can set your GPS to a High-calibration mode even though you are in a tall building. It should be your first troubleshooting method, and it has been proven to solve the problem unless said otherwise.

Clear Cache Of Applications that Use GPS

The reason why you are located is because the rest of your applications that use GPS are still active. Clear the cache data, so that the location will calibrate properly. It is an ideal solution to clear cache data for future references.

  • Navigate through your phone’s Settings.
  • Go to the Application Manager.
  • When you see Clear Cache, choose it and confirm.

GPS Status and Toolbox

It is an application that can help you identify the status of your toolbox. It allows you to check about the accuracy, positioning, acceleration, and satellite speed. You can almost access anything with it.

Factory Reset

If you are intending on doing this, consider backing up your files since there is a potential to lose some of your data.

  • Navigate through your settings.
  • Then find Backup and Reset Segment and choose it.
  • Click On Reset Device and erase Everything.

Your GPD should calibrate properly after doing the methods above.