How to fix LG V30 Keeps Restarting

How to fix LG V30 Keeps Restarting

We have received of a very disturbing news of what can go wrong with the LG V30. It is the company’s new phone and it has already brought about some very annoying faults. We cannot blame them since it is a mass produced phone. All mass produced phones are not made to perfection. They sacrificed quality for speed of production, and such mishaps and unfortunate thanks can happen about it. We have certain and better solutions for your gadget. As long as you follow it carefully, you will no longer have to worry about some third-party software.

If you have been experiencing that your phone is constantly restarting automatically, then don’t worry. We have certain solutions for it. It is not really a hardware problem, so you don’t need to purchase any part for it. It is true that it can take a while to get this solution to learn, so you have to follow everything carefully. We have all the guides and solutions for whatever device you have. It is indeed a new phone, so you better be careful about it and make sure that you follow the solutions here carefully – your phone will be alright with our help.

How to fix LG V30 Keeps Restarting:

Application Case

It is very possible that one of your newly installed applications is causing the problem. One of the ways to detect that is to use safe mode. We are not going to tell you how to do safe mode because it is entire a different topic in itself. You will be able to detect what app is causing that problem in safe mode.

Factory Reset

To do the method, make sure that you backup all your valuable files and data. Factory Reset is one of your last resorts to make everything in default. It is just in your settings for the feature to work.

Your phone should be working normally again.