How to Fix Moto Z2 Force Display Not Working Properly

How to Fix Moto Z2 Display / Touch Screen Not Working Properly

We have already seen how the community responded when they found out about the Mote Z series. It is the company’s new flagship since the X line of product, and they have revamped the models even further. It has become one of the leading smartphones in the market today, and it is no doubt that people were happy about it.

This problem is not usually encountered unlike the others, but just in case you do we can help you how to solve the problem itself.

How to Fix Moto Z2 Force Display / Screen Not Working Properly:

  • A simple factory reset is all you need to do, and the display should be working properly.
  • Just force reset your phone in any case it occurs anytime soon.
  • Sometimes the animation scale could be the problem, and you need to run the Developers Options. To run the section, go to the Settings Page and click on the About Section. Taps the Build Number rapidly and you will encounter the “You Are Now A Developer” message. Set the animation scale to 1x for the Animator duration and transition animation.