Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Common Problems & Solutions

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Common Problems

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the latest reveal from the company. People were excited and happy when they got the phone. The new generation of Note series has equipped itself with new technologies, but was it perfectly built? Not a single device was made perfect. It will have its mishaps from time to time, and I bet that you’re already thinking about how bad the company is. Just learn that it is normal for devices to have bugs, and it can be fixed anyways. We will give you easy solutions to common problems for the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Common Problems & Solutions:

  1. Programs That Doesn’t Display Full Screen

Indeed, the Galaxy Note 8 has a big screen. The thing is, some of the applications won’t project on a full-screen mode while being used.

  • Simply go to the Settings > Display > Full-Screen Programs and highlight the programs that aren’t enabled in the function.
  • Tap the current programs and touch the green icon to view them in full screen mode.
  1. Red Tint

One issue that got every user’s attention with the device is the red tin on display. You can solve this problem easily.

  • If you bought the device early, it is possible that it is not updated to the latest software. Samsung indicates that the only solution to resolve the issue is to update to the latest version.
  1. Missing App Drawer Button

Samsun remodified their latest devices by taking out most of the physical buttons. The App Drawer is one of them, and this is you can get to know your phone better.

  • Swipe on the bottom the screen, and it will show the program tray.
  • Press a blank space on the screen for a few seconds, and it will show an edit and design page with some options. Pick the setting icons and select Apps button. Press the show apps button, and it should bring a button on the bottom of the screen which can open the “App Drawer”.
  1. Freezing Programs

Some of the programs that you use may freeze while it is running.

  • You can turn off the device, and turn it back on after a minute. It is one of the simplest solutions to do if you encounter freezing problems.
  • Perform a factory reset.
  • Establish a soft rest by pressing the power button, and selec resume option.
  • You can clear the cache data of the program the often freezes.
  1. Speaker Problem

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is manufactured to have water resistant properties. Somehow, the speaker tends to have a “cloudy” sound when it gets wet. Here are a few solutions for it:

  • It is an IP68 certified device, so getting the water of the speaker is no problem. Simply shake the device gently against the speaker, so that the excess water comes out.
  1. Device Quality Agent (DQA) Preventing Stopping Message Frequently

Many users experience the DQA malfunctioning, and send off a random error message.

  • Disconnect the WIFI and reconnect to check if the error disappeared.
  • Go to the Settings the applications manager, and force close the DQA.
  • Update to the latest software version since it fixes the certain bug.
  1. Automobile Pairing/Connectivity Issue

There are certain problems such as programs that can’t operate properly while connected with the car via Android Auto. How do we fix the problem?

  • Simple, reinstall android vehicle. You can do this everytime it doesn’t function well.
  • You can uninstall both the program and android automobile if it happens with every application. Set up android auto after doing the previous step.
  • You can install nova launcher and google launcher which are easier to use if you are unfamiliar with the TouchWiz.
  1. Push Notification Delay

You might experience a problem where your notifications don’t appear immediately, or it is delayed. There is a simple solution to fix it.

  • Proceed to Settings > Program > Tap Special Access > Select A program On which your Battery Optimizes one. A menu will appear and go to the option Change to, and include all the programs that you don’t want to have delayed notifications.

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