How To Get & Use Emoji On Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus & S9 / S9 Plus

How To Get & Use Emoji Keyboard On Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

It is fun to have emoji’s on your text. It sets the mood and it keeps the conversations alive. I know you have seen multiple emoji’s, but how do you use them? The use of emoji’s has become popularly known worldwide because of the fun things you can do with it. You will know if someone’s serious in the conversation if there are no emojis at all.

With the Emoji keyboard, you are able to use a lot of icons and expressions that can set the mood of the conversation. You can add emojis easier to the conversation with the keyboard itself.

There are actually a lot of Emoji keyboard in the play store to use, but the keyboard application already has quite a lot in stored for different types of emoji icons. You need to study on how to use the keyboard itself, and continuously navigate your way through the functions of the application.

How To Get & Use Emoji On Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus & S9 / S9 Plus:

How To Get Emojis

You can use different emojis on all your applications. However, it could also turn out different in some programs and social media accounts.

Just open any applications that requires you to type a message or start a conversation. Then, Click on the message application to use the keyboard. You will see a group of icons, and one of them is a smiley face. Touch the smiley face and you will see a wide array of emojis to use. Some of them, are even symbols and some them are even animals. They are categorized into different sections.

There are other programs such as Whatsapp and Telegram that uses a slightly different Emoji icons, but the process is the same.

You can now enjoy using your emoji’s and have fun a conversation with your friend.