How To Chat on WhatsApp Without Using Internet

How To Chat on WhatsApp Without Using Internet

WhatsApp has become a very popular messaging app across the world. It provides simple, secure messaging for free, letting families and friends keep in touch. Users can text, make phone calls and video calls using WhatsApp.

You don’t need to pay money to use it, but you do need either mobile data or a WiFi connection to operate it.

That can cost, especially when using mobile data. Videos and larger images will eat that data up in a hurry. That can end up costing more money if you go over your allotted limit and do not have unlimited data.

There is, however, a low cost option.


ChatSim lets you send unlimited text messages and emoji anywhere in the world using WhatsApp and other messenging apps. It’s only $15 USD a year plus a $15 activation fee. Optional multimedia credits feature three additional price levels: $15, $37.50, $75.

It can be activated easily by entering a 19 or 20-digit identifier number found on the SIM card and the number assigned to the ChatSim.

Using ChatSim also means people can avoid roaming costs when traveling.

ChatSim is basically a SIM card device that uses a mobile network signal to use the app. It connects to more than 400 network operators in more than 150 countries and automatically connects with strong network operators so your chat stays secure.

Manuel Zanella, founder of ZeroMobile Italian mobile phone company, invented ChatSim.

Why try ChatSim

WhatSim comes in different sizes including regular, micro and nano and can work in any type of device. It has no roaming charges or other charges that you usually get when traveling.

It can also operate in countries worldwide.

ChatSim never expires and can support different chat aps including WhatsApp. It also automatically connects with whatever operator is accessible, and you can keep your contacts and apps without changing your mobile number.

Issues with ChatSim

ChatSim can only be used to chat. Do not bother trying to use a non-chat app because it won’t work.

You also can’t use other apps while using ChatSim because it will interfere with ChatSim.

That said, it gives you that option of using ChatSim without having another connection to the internet.

Imagine being able to connect with anyone via messaging only paying one fee per year. It’s at least an option to consider if you’re forced to look for low-cost alternatives to having mobile data or a convenient WiFi network.

You can stay connected with friends and family. Forget about making up excuses about why you don’t text your friends because you do not want to admit that you can’t afford internet.

As long as you’re fine with it only working for chat, ChatSim is worth considering for your smartphone use.

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