How to Move Files / Photos / Data to SD Card on Note 8

How to Move Files Photos Data to SD Card on Note 8

I know how much we like taking pictures of everything we see around us. It helps us create timeless memories that we wish we could cherish forever. Unfortunately, some way and somehow your Phone Storage will be full since it only has a limited storage, and this is why it will come with a Micro SD Card to help you with Storage problems.

It is efficient to use an SD card for a lot of reason, but there are other features of the phone that will save things straight to the storage itself. Everything that you do will either be sent straight to the phone’s memory, or to your SD Card because it is the default setting of the application. For your photos, it will automatically be in the storage, and we will give you ways on how to move it to your SD Cards.

How to Move Files / Photos / Data to SD Card on Note 8:

Set your Camera To Save in the SD Card Instantly

  • Open your camera application.
  • Tap on the gear icon that is located on the upper left hand of the screen.
  • It will open the camera settings menu, and choose storage location.
  • Tap on the SD Card for the files to save in the location instantly.

Moving via Android File Manager

  • Navigate through your phone’s Settings.
  • Choose Storage and USB, then choose Explore.
  • You will open the File Manage, then you will find Pictures Folder and select it.
  • Choose Menu button.
  • Select Copy To then SD Card.

Move Camera Photos to SD via My Files

  • Go through your Phone’s Settings, and go to Applications.
  • Choose Samsung, and click on the My Files.
  • Then, Choose Images.
  • Click on the MORE option, and choose Edit.
  • Then, you will choose files that you wish to move, or the entire folder.
  • Choose, Move then to SD Card.

Gallery to SD

  • Navigate through the phone, and open Gallery.
  • Go to your Albums that you wish to open.
  • Press down a picture, and wait until check icons begin to appear to select the photos that you wish to transfer.
  • Choose MORE, then select copy or move, then select SD Card.

Now you just freed some space from your Phone’s Storage.