How to Recover Deleted Photos on Note 8

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Note 8

We know how much our photos mean to us, especially if we took a photo of someone we haven’t seen for a long time. If you have visited a place far away from home, you want to take pictures and make a blog about it or post in social media. Sometimes, we accidentally delete them because of trying to manage our photos. It happens, and we will teach you how to recover them easily.

You no longer have to worry about it deleting a file because you can actually take it back, and there a lot of ways on how to do it. Just follow the simple steps.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Note 8:

Download A File Recovery Program

In the Google Play Store, there are a lot of reliable software or application where you can recover everything. Before you pick one, there reviews and ratings available on how you can recover your files. You will need your internet connection to access and download the file.

Restoring Deleted Photos

Now if you have downloaded a software to recover your lost photos, close other applications and launch the program.

  • You will to enable the Developer mode, and enable USB debugging mode. Look through the internet on how to access the Developer Mode, since we are only teaching brief steps on how to recover.
  • Connect your Note 8 to a Computer with a USB cable.
  • The Dr. Fone program will notify on the bottom screen the USB Debugging is Activated.
  • Carefully follow the instructions that will show up in a new window.
  • Then, the files will appear and choose what you want to recover.
  • When you are finished choosing the files, tap Recover to restore them.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the process is done.

Just repeat the same steps if you want to recover more files in the future.