How To Repair Oneplus 5 IMEI Number Problem

How To Repair Oneplus 5 IMEI Number Problem

Today, we are very fortunate with the devices that we have. There isn’t any other way to make our lives easier, and we have just found a way to do so. With the devices available today, everything is becoming very convenient. It just made multi-tasking much easier, because there applications available that can allow us to view a lot of things at one glance. What is more important is that, you get to communicate with the people you haven’t seen for a long rime. OnePlus 5 can give you so much more when it comes to possibilities.

What we are going to tackle about in the article is we are going to repair the IMEI Number Problem. It will determine if your phone is actually functioning well or not. If your IMEI number is not identified, you might not even receive your calls and messages. It is a critical problem that you need to resolve, because your OnePlus 5 will be useless if it isn’t working properly. We will give our proper steps on how to do it.

How To Repair Oneplus 5 IMEI Number Problem

Update Your Firmware First

  • Locate the Applications section of the phone.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select the About Device selection.
  • You will see the Software Update, then select it.
  • It will scan updates.
  • Once it detects one, don’t hesitate to update your device.

Null IMEI Repairs

  • Make sure the USB debugging mode is enabled.
  • You have to access the USB debugging mode in order to start.
  • Connect your OnePlus 5 to a desktop.
  • Download the EFS Restorer Express.
  • Then, you can launch the app once it has finished downloading.
  • Select and run the EFS-BACK.BAT file.
  • You can choose the method from there, and restore the EFS with ODIN.

Your IMEI number should already be working fine.