Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro revealed smartband with swim tracking and Spotify playback

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro revealed smart band with swim tracking and Spotify playback

Samsung may have released their galaxy line as their titan flagship, but there is still a new buzz that has been going around the internet. This time, it is something that clasps on to your wrist. The Note 8 can be noteworthy (no pun intended), yet another life monitoring device can break the internet with it.

Following the Gear Fit 2 is the all-new, Gear Fit2 Pro. What are the difference or changes it has made compared to its predecessor – to any extent other than a wrist fitness tracking device?

This piece of equipment, the Gear Fit2 Pro, is ready on any terrain and environment you put it in. It now features a 5 ATM water resistance, and can track what you have done in your session. VentureBeat also stated that it can sync input or data if it is paired up with a Speedo On. It is definitely a behemoth for a tracking device of its kind. It is now fully submergible, and it is what the athlete are looking for. They no longer have to worry about diving in a deeper body of water. You’ll never they could sponsor all the tri-athlete soon enough, or even become an official partner of the Olympic games for that matter.

What makes it “Pro”? According to Hugh Lungley, it shows your health and how it is monitored on a daily basis.Today, body-fat is such a big problem, because that is one of the way to look excessively unaesthetic in its respective field of fitness. Imagine a device that can determine your heart rate, skin health, sensor chip, and skin temperature all into one device; it isn’t much to ask for to compress them into one wrist-watch-looking device, isn’t it? Samsung has made it all possible for you to keep an eye on your holistic health.

When it comes to visual display, it has an AMOLED screen which the south Korean company behemoth would place on all of their devices. We are talking about a fully submergible piece of equipment, and we would want to see our results even under water. I know that it’s already been done to have the display with its predecessor, but I thought of bringing it out of how remarkable in adding that feature in their cutting-edge devices.

A possible feature that can put its head on the leading position against other “health tracking” devices is that it has its own offline Spotify playback feature. You can finally listen to the songs that you like without needing a WiFi. Enjoy your favorite tunes in your playlist in just a touch of a screen. Of course, don’t forget to install Spotify on it.

Another convenience that the gadget offers is that clasp-style wrist watch form. I think that it is easier to replace, and adjusting won’t be a wrestle to the bands. It is time consuming to have the metal wrist band to measure around your wrist unlike the classic wrist watch style. Let it match with your casual wear, or daily comfort clothing. The wrist bands are easily replaceable, and I am sure there are too many options on the internet once it becomes available.

Kind of odd that it is the third line in their tracking device, yet it is still called “Gear Fit2.” I guess they won’t move on since it has only added quite a few features that the original Fit 2 didn’t have. We are just waiting for it be released in the market, and there will be other devices similar to it that will go head-to-head with it.

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