How to Send a Voice Message on iPhone X & iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

How to Send a Voice Message on iPhone X & iPhone 8 - 8 Plus

We all know how important communications. It is a way to get to know one another. We also get to be in touch with the people who are very far away. It is a way of living where you can set dates and appointments for a very important meeting. Mobile phone were created just to do simply that. Of course on its earlier stage, it was just meant to call and send text messages, now you can even do a face time with your favorite people and dearest to your heart.

If ever they are not available to be with you on time, sending messages can be sort of bland and plain. Sending them a voice message will mean a lot to them since they get to hear what you sound like, and reminisce on the things you said. Technology has a lot of ways to keep in touch with people’s lives, and making more things convenient. We are going to give your simple steps on how to send lovely voice messages to your loved relatives, friends, and family. You don’t need extra equipment to do the job, but just a little patience.

How to Send a Voice Message on iPhone X & iPhone 8 / 8 Plus:

Sending A Voice Message via iMessage

  • Access your phone by turning it on and unlocking to get to your Home Screen.
  • Click on the Voice Memo application.
  • Then, choose the voice memo you want to send.
  • Then, choose the Share button.
  • Then, click on the message icon.
  • Select the contact or provide the contact information recipient you want.
  • Finally, just tap on send to give out the Voice Message you want to send.

You can even use your voice to activate the phone and directly send the message via Siri. Just the steps above if you want to send more voice messages.