How to Set Custom Ringtones on LG V30

How to Set Custom Ringtones on LG V30

When somebody calls you on your phone, you will hear a ringtone that will follow. Those tones are already built in the phone itself. Even when you get notified from your social media accounts, and it you will hear a default sound. Some of them cannot be changed because it is hardwired in the system of it. When it comes to your ringtones for messages and call,. You can definitely alter them. that is one of the best feature that the LG V30 has. You can almost do everything with the high-end device. You cannot go wrong with buying the LG V30.

There are different where you can set your ringtone. As a matter of fact, you can even set your own custom ringtone. There are several methods where on how you can set your own customized ringtone. We will give you a simple solutions of making your own ringtone. You can create your own tunes that you can assign to your contacts individually. You don’t need to worry about installing different and weird software for it. You can set it up right with the default applications of the phone itself. Follow the guideline carefully.

How to Set Custom Ringtones on LG V30:

Setting Up Custom Ringtones

Since the LG V30 has a unique feature called the, Touch Wiz Technology, you will able to add and create ringtones for your contact easily. You will be able to set them individually.

  • Access your LG V30 by turning it on and unlocking the screen.
  • Go to the Dialer application in your phone.
  • Then, just simple select the contact you want to set a ringtone for.
  • Just press the pen icon to edit it.
  • Then, you will be asked to select a ringtone in your tunes library or music library.
  • A new popup window will show different music files.
  • Then just select add for your desired ringtone.

You will now be able to select and set a ringtone to your available contacts.