How to Stop Automatic App Update on Note 8

How to Stop Automatic App Update on Note 8

We always want to use a lot of applications to have different functions with our phone. There are different kinds of applications on different categories, and most of them are free. Some people would still want to pay for the application because it is important for them to have one. It could be for their work or school to buy one application. With the Note 8 in hand, you get to use the applications much better. It has advanced hardware and updated firmware that can optimize any program in hand.

All of the applications have their versions and updates. Updates are important because they fix the problems that the current version has. Another thing is they will add a new feature to the version which will make it more attractive and useful than the previous ones. Although, automatic updates are kind of irritating because they would slow down the phone and would need an internet connection. Automatic updates happen even without you asking or accessing the application to perform an update. Another thing to mention is, if there is an application update available all of the programs that require it will update altogether and would cause some apps to crash.

We will tell you how to resolve this problem only if you follow the easy steps. It won’t take you hours to do the action.

How to Stop Automatic App Update on Note 8:

Disabling Automatic Update

  • Go to your home screen and find your google play store.
  • There is a three bar icon on the top of the screen and click on it to access a drop down menu.
  • Locate the settings and tap it.
  • Find the Auto Update Apps Section and open it.
  • Then, there will be a choice that says Do Not auto update apps, just tap it.

Now you have disable automatic application update.