How To Turn On / Off Predictive Text on Samsung Note 8

How To Turn ON and Off Predictive Text on Samsung Note 8

When you want to text and send message fast, the predictive text is a feature that can help you do that. It is able to indicate the possible words you could be typing and just save the time by pressing on the word that you wanted to input.

You can let the phone get used to the words you type, and just be patient about it. In the long run, Predictive text will save you a lot of time.

How To Turn On / Off Predictive Text on Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Adding Words To The Dictionary:

If your phone is still new, there will be default choices when it predicts a text. If ever that there’s a new word that it is not part of its choices, just select “Add To Dictionary” while typing down the message. All you need is more texting time, and there should be more options and faster and precise predictions when you type your words.

Disable Auto Correct:

If you are not a fan of predictive Text or Auto Correct, then follow these guidelines.

  • Go to the Settings Menu.
  • Select Language and Input.
  • Choose Samsung Keypad.
  • Select Smart Typing.
  • You can turn off the component that you don’t like: Predictive Text, Auto Replace, Auto Check Spelling, Auto Spacing, Autos Punctuation.

Now you can enjoy texting for your preference. Just turn the Predictive Text back on if you want to save time from typing your words.