How to Fix Won’t Make / Receive Calls On iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus

How to Wont Make Receive Calls On iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus

Nowadays, there a lot of ways on how we can communicate with other people. We can even communicate with them even though we don’t live in the same continent as they do. It is so convenient that we are able to keep in touch with our loved ones that are hundred miles away from us. It is why we are very fortunate when it comes to the technology that is available to us these days. The iPhone X,  8 and iPhone 8 Plus is just another pinnacle of a new era of smart phones; faster, more dynamic, and more reliable gadgets about to come your way.

Even having that said, we still want to go back to the basic, which is to dial a number and give it a call. We can also receive calls from other people that we are close to or come with an acquaintance with. Although, sometimes there could be a problem with that. There are instances that we cannot make and  receive calls even though we have our SIM connected. This is why we are going to help you remedy it if you have ever come across this problem before. Just follow the basic steps for it.

How to Fix Won’t Make / Receive Calls On iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus:

Check if there’s a signal outage.

It is important to inquire if there a signal outage in your area. After all, it is the sole source of how we can communicate with our loved ones from other places.

Check your Bill

The reason why you cannot make a call or receive is you have been cut from your line. Just check if you have already paid your account statement for the month to get your connection back.

Airplane Mode

If you are still not familiar with your device, just double check if your airplane mode is activated. Airplane mode doesn’t allow any sort of signals to be transmitted.

If none of the solutions work, go to an authorized Apple dealer and have it checked or replaced.